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Herbal Face Masks
  • Herbal Face Masks

    *Vending @ Honoka'a Farmers Market Sundays 9am-2pm* 


    Rejuvinate your face with Eternal Blossoms clay blend face mask. Made without any preservatives, once mixed with water it only has a shelf life of about 1 week and MUST be refrigerated. Recommended to scoop out a tablespoon at a time to make a fresh mask for each use. 


    If you bring your jar back for a refill you will get a 10% discount.


    This mask is meant to detox and cleanse the skin of excess oil, dirt, pollution, and build up. It is also acts as a rubefacient that helps to increase in blood circulation in the skin.


    Directions for use:

    1. Wash face with warm water and dry thoroughly.

    2. Apply an even layer of mask to entire face or a specific area such as oily T zone or pimple etc.

    3. Let face mask dry.

    4. Rewarm face mask by placing warm wet wash cloth over face until mask softens, than gently wipe clay from face.

    5. Hydrate face with facial moisturizer.


    Repeat daily or as needed. If your skin is on the drier side, it is not recommended to use daily as it may dry out your skin further.




    Rhassoul Clay*

    French Green Clay*





    Please specify in the notes if you would like the mask to bee 100% vegan.



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