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Sacred Wooomb

  • Terms & Conditions
    No refunds on F.A.M. workshops or sessions. All payments act as donations. You are responible for showing up each week for the lessons and participation in workshop. For one week or single session drop ins you must sign up ON or BEFORE a Saturday to join for that week or you will be automatically enrolled into the next week of class* No refunds once J2B Membership portal has been unlocked. ALL content is private for members only. By signing up you acknowledge that it is strictly forbidden to share, duplicate, reproduce, leak, or sell any of the content, videos, or texts provided in these workshops or portals with any third party, without a written consent from site owner (that includes sharing content on social media). The FB community portal is PRIVATE please make sure you fully read and honor the rules posted in the group. All information communicated within the FB group is confidential, unless you have written consent from content owner to share. J2B has right to end any membership without cause.
  • Privacy Policy
    NONE of your personal information will be shared with any third parties. The email you register with will be used to send class updates, zoom links, and all workshop related information. I will not subcribe your email to non F.A.M. workshop related content unless you subcribe manually to J2B and Sacred Wooomb's newsletters and offerings. Your payment information such as credit & debit cards will not be stored. ALL live sessions on Zoom will be recorded and posted for the community to watch at a later date, if you do not wish for your face to be shown YOU are responsible for turning your camera off. By agreeing to the terms and conditions you are giving your consent to repost and share any and all media with your face and voice present with any media source J2B uses.
  • Disclaimer
    I am NOT a doctor or a certified Nutritionist. NO information in this course is intended to provide medical advice or substitute for your physician's care/advice. I am not responsible for any misuse of the information provided in this workshop. Please do your own research and consult with your physican and care provideder before attmepting to diagnois or treat any conditions.
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